About McKay & White, LLC Attorneys At Law

Our Springfield, Missouri, law firm — McKay & White, LLC Attorneys at Law — limits our practice to estate planning, estate administration and elder law matters. It's our complete focus, so we have gained a great deal of insight into the laws and facts that can impact your estate plan.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge help us handle even the most legally or emotionally complicated estate planning matters. We can help if something has gone wrong and a plan is needed to protect a loved one. We can also help when everything has gone right — when you are thinking of an estate plan as a proactive way to care for your children and protect the financial interests of your heirs.

We can help you with:

  • Creating or administering an estate plan: Our attorneys can draft and review a full range of estate planning documents, including Wills, Trusts, durable powers of attorney and health care directives. We can also guide estate administrators through the probate process and effectively handle matters related to guardianships.
  • Handling elder law matters: Our firm has the ability to use legal strategies to secure assets so people do not lose their life savings if they need nursing home care or other costly medical attention. Not all tools are available once you are facing a loved one making the transition to skilled care. You and your loved ones can be better prepared for this transition if proactive steps are taken sooner rather than later to protect hard earned resources.

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Making Legal Representation Convenient And Comfortable For You

It's not always easy to get to a lawyer's office. That's why we sometimes make home and hospital or skilled care facility visits. That's also why we take care of some of the details that can be hard, like getting information or organizing documents. We will work with you, helping you manage legal matters in a way that works for you.

To talk with an attorney about your estate administration or elder law concerns, call us at 417-887-8700 or complete an online contact form.